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生产于80年代,来自德国西南部的Audio Exklusiv The Turntable Reference唱盘机,其底座是由一整件天然花岗岩雕凿出来,厚三寸多,极具份量。这款唱盘机的造型,无疑就好似一曲大气磅礴的交响乐。不过,它并不笨重粗糙,黑色镜面打磨的花岗岩配上四只镀金圆脚,与厚达两的Acrylic Glass载片台由盘座轴共同连接起来。轴承以一支高钢度柱轴运行于盛满油的油糟中,转动时顺滑无比。驱动马达则被精准地放置在挖空了的石穴中,显出唱盘机设计者高超的制作工艺。


This product has been developed in order to reproduce music as lifelike and pure as possible. We are protectionists of the minimalist and extremely puristic construction/assembling. A lot of parts or devices will not automatically mean a better sound: less often is more. This can also be said for correction and regulating circuits, which will be applied only if absolutely necessary or if they do not have any negative sound effects. Otherwise we prefer other possibilities; e.g. to construct the power supply more extensive and oversized. An expensive way, of course, but the result shows: we are right.  

With the same effort we constructed the other part of the conception: the single parts and the internal wiring have been determined in particular hearing sessions; the chassis is being optimized mechanically ex works and other–Audio Exklusiv-own, resonance absorbing measures are implanted in order to take care that the music signal will be available–without any modifications– at the output of the appliance.

Nevertheless other measures for decoupling (e.g. bases or feet by Audio Exklusiv) will be able to optimize the sound. This can also be applied for the current supply: In some regions an additional line filtering can be useful.

The analog music reproduction is close to our heart. However we did not want neither to have revived the old model nore to launch “any” standard record player. More than 2 years we worked on this subject, we made measurements on products being on the market and on our own samples, and we analysed external and internal influences and their tonal effects.

On doing all these instead of standard parameters such as wow&flutter or other running noise the mechanical reasons had been in the foreground. Here we could benefit from our basically examination concerning the acoustical-mechanical influences of the product or of other objects.

After the examination it was clear to develop from the beginning the elemental parts such as bearing /bearing block. 

In principle we prefer mass turntables, because we think that an additional swinging system as in  subchassis drives could influence the subtle screening or the low signal. Therefore a massive granite or marble chassis with a weight of approx. 40 kg builds the stable basis. This high stable and high density natural material unfortunately shows some resonances which influence the sound pattern. Therefore a damping of the edge itself as well as a damping of the construction parts is a must – but without a dynamic or tonal modification.

This led to a special formed, resonance optimized bearing block, which is additionally equipped with our special  resonance absorbing material. The special bearing will be assembled on this acoustically dead block.

The bearing is a inverted steel-ceramic-bearing made of multiple hardened steel, being optimized and polished in long lasting working processes for highest possible quietness and long life time. The lateral distance between bearing shaft and bearing bush will be held extremely low in order to avoid the feared tilting movements in the interplay with a special oil.

A mighty 320 mm record turntable with a height of 80 mm and 8 kg weight, made of cast, micro turned and tempered  metacrylat offers a precise and resonance depleted play basis for the record.

The stand for the tone arm basis, covered with resonance absorbing materials, now ensures to the tone arm an interference-free screening. The basis itself can, at the other end, be strechted with the chassis which ensures a fine-tuning of the sound pattern.

In principle all tone arms of 9–10.5 inch length can be installed with the delivered ground basis. For longer arms there is a special basis as an option. To what concerns the choice of the tone arm it’s up to the end user–everybody has–such as what concerns the sound pick-up–his personal preferences.

The record turntable is driven–with the help of a thin string–by a modern and complex controlled synchro motor. We consciously work without an adjustment control as it always tries to correct which leads to a disturbed sound pattern which would, due to the bearing-disc-construction, not appear even when having normal interferences.

So we paid more attention to the engine control: The sinus will be–with the help of a complex Wien-Robinson bridge–precisely treated and then provided to the engine by a powerful and low distortion amplifier. So the engine works quietly and smoothly. The engine itself sits in a damped and capsuled aluminium housing, which itself resides in the chassis. So the needed storage space could be held low.


Dimensions:450 (B) x 430 (T) x 210 (H) mm

Weight:46 kg



Dimensions:110 (B) x 350 (T) x 90 (H) mm

Weight:2,8 kg


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