Basshorn P4

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The P4 Bass Bins comes together with our Beta I. 

All our bass Bins are made by plywood to create a real backloadedhorn. They have a very high efficiency without using a active low bass boost. 

The modular concept allowe you to put two Bass Bins left and right or depence on the existing room four Bass Bin together in the middle of the room.

Each pair of Bass Bins are powered by a separate power amp. with up 1200W.

We could realize a bass quality which is very cloth to bass inside the real music. That means its not boomy at all. The bass is realistc with a lot of details and struture. That concept allow us to perfome with the real speed and attack like live music.




- perfect basshorn construction

- use the right drive unit

- the right postion inside the room

- efficiency of main unit and Bass Bins are the same

- fine tune for best to match with the main unit

You have to listen to such a system even at a very low level of power to understand how much detail its has. Any kind of tone structure will be still there at very low level.

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