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These 18W single-ended triode monoblocks are so magical (with a load-appropriate loudspeaker) that they made me question the paradigm of high-powered solid-state amplification. The directness of expression, the palpability of images, and the purity of timbres are simply sensational through the ML2.2. These amplifiers make it sound as though the musicians are speaking through time and space directly to you. It's an uncanny quality that must be experienced to be appreciated. The ML2.2s achieve this level of sonics not through a euphonic or tubey sound, but by conveying the virtues of SET amplification with SET colorations. With the right loudspeaker (a big caveat) the ML2.2s don't sound like tubes, SET, solid-state, or any other technology. Rather, they sound like music

ML3 Signature amplifier

This four-chassis, 32Wpc, $140k SET may strike some of you as the Poster Child for Audiophile Excess, but theLamm ML3 Signature amplifier takes the definition of the absolute sound and turns it on its head. For 30 years, the illusion of live unamplified instruments in space has been what we've been aiming for. Now with this Lamm attack on the state of the art we can (almost) throw away the word "illusion". The Lamm ML3 Signature approaches what we all seek in the reproduction of music -- the actual sound of live instruments in space -- by reducing or eliminating two of the major sonic colorations that reviewers harp on: electronic haze and midbass overhang. The cost of entry is unquestionably high, but the performance is even higher.

LL2.1 preamplifier

A direct replacement for the LL2, LAMM's long-standing, entry-level, tube linestage preamp is an all-tube design, featuring both tube rectification (6X4) and amplification. Harmonic colors are vivid and saturated to a level approaching the real thing with admirable fidelity. The LL2.1's primary concession is in the area of soundstage transparency. It also requires tube-rolling to achieve optimal performance at the frequency extremes. The LL2.1 is extremely easy to live with and integrate into an existing system. According to DO, when outfitted with the right tube complement, it captures 80% of cost-no-object performance for a fraction of the price.

LL1.1 preamplifier

This four-chassis, dual-mono preamplifier is that rare breed that strikes a near-perfect balance between transient attack and instrumental body, and does so from top to bottom in both frequency response and amplitude. Its ability to deliver speed plus sustain at all dynamic levels is extraordinary. The result is near-perfect timbre and, if the rest of your system is up to it, nearly ideal imaging.

LP2.1 phono preamplifier

A significant upgrade of the LP2, which was Lamm's entry-level phonostage for many years. In addition to a parts refresh, the tube complement has been changed to the Russian 6C3P and 6C45P-E triodes. Both moving-magnet and moving-coil inputs are accommodated. The emphasis is entirely on signal purity. An exceedingly low noise floor is a major plus, allowing the music to swell up from a velvety black background with no perceptible hash or grain. The presentation is detailed but not overly so. The vibrancy and urgency of human voice are reproduced exceedingly well. Tonal colors are beautifully rendered but without excessive tube warmth. The tonal balance is very much on the neutral side of reality. In sum, the LP2.1 is a perfect marriage of traditional solid-state strengths such as bass power and low-noise with the glorious harmonic textures and the dynamic convictiton of tubes.


0.3% THD (FTC):110W(8Ohms Class A)
0.3% THD (FTC):220W(4Ohms、55W Class A)
0.5% THD (FTC):400W(2Ohms、27.55W Class A)
1% THD (FTC):600W(1Ohm、13.75W Class A)



0.3% THD (FTC):110W(4Ohms、Class A)
0.5% THD (FTC):220W(2Ohms、55W Class A)
1% THD (FTC) :400W(1Ohm、27.55W Class A)







高阻抗设定:5.24A(8Ohms、220W)、10.48A(4O、440W)、20A(2Ohms、800W)、42.43 A(1Ohm、1200W)




高阻抗设定:150W(8Ohms)、300W(4Ohms)、500W(2Ohms)、700 W(1Ohm)



频率响应 (+0、-3dB) :4Hz-155KHz

转换速率:33.5V(峰值83.9V 伏方波信号、8 欧姆、10kHz)



(8Ohms、1W): 68.5dB(22Hz–22KHz)、75.5dB(A计权)

(8Ohms、110W): 89dB(22Hz–22KHz)、96 dB(A计权)

电压增益:39(±2% )、31.8(±0.2dB)

阻尼系数:98(1 KHz、20Hz–20KHz)








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